Education & Coaching of Syrian Girls


Situation Summary

As the Syrian crisis became a human crisis, millions of people fled the country while other families, girls & children couldn’t leave. Today they are struggling to survive inside Syria, in extreme conditions of war, lack of medical help, poverty and mostly uneducation. 
Among all Syrian age groups, genders, & religion girls are more threatened by the lack of education and they face increased risks of wellbeing among the conflict as well as a lack of empowerment.

Project Description

We believe that educating girls living in conflicts areas as well as coaching them and inspiring them to be better are of vital importance to their protection as well as their development and social stabilization specially when looking at the longer term.

Currently the girls are emotionally unstable & scared by their daily experiences lacking the sense of safety and specially the lack of a stable home.

We strongly believe that we need to equip these girls with the right education and coaching which will influence them positively to move on, create solid connections in their communities, and aim to build a better Syria.

Project Objectives

Objective 1:

Prepare the girls to one day, build a future home and a future Syria through education, tactical coaching & positive inspiration

Objective 2:

Initiate create& stabilize a solid educational & emotional state of mind to prepare the girls for marriage as well as for raising health minded kids

Project Methodology

The methodology we are proposing is based on simplified techniques of art therapy, drama therapy, and yoga, practices allowing the information to flow seamlessly and therefore to be well absorbed.